Digital Brand Media & Marketing Group, Inc. (“The Company” and “DBMM”), and its brand, Digital Clarity (“DC”) a fully integrated management consultancy specializing in the optimum marketing of B2B tech companies, is once again giving a brief interim update, in the spirit of transparency and openness that is part of the Company’s ongoing efforts to educate and inform shareholders, investors, and supporters.

For clarity, interim updates are to inform and educate shareholders regularly on what can be a rapidly moving and expanding market. These updates are also part of a best practice framework being employed by the company and supported by OTC Markets and the company pursues its mission of growth, and Uplisting to OTCQB.

Digital Clarity is well-positioned to continue as it looks to continue its business acquisition plan and is also forging links with other well-established consultancies to enable a full turnkey solution for current and prospective clients.

As the technology market evolves rapidly and competition intensifies, the demand for expert guidance in navigating the complexities of B2B tech marketing has never been greater. According to recent studies from renowned sources such as Forrester Research, McKinsey & Technavio, the market for marketing-led management consulting is experiencing exponential growth, with an increasing number of companies recognizing the strategic advantage of integrating focused marketing solutions into their overall business strategy in order to result in individualized, competitive advantage.

In turn, and unlike many markets, this presents an unparalleled opportunity for shareholders seeking to invest in a dynamic and thriving sector.

Digital Clarity distinguishes itself by fostering collaborative relationships with key players in the industry. Through strategic alliances and partnerships, DC is looking to provide clients with access to a vast network of resources, insights, and opportunities, empowering them to achieve sustainable growth and competitive advantage in the highly competitive B2B tech landscape.

Reggie James, the Founder and Managing Director of Digital Clarity and the Chief Operating Officer of DBMM, said, ” In today’s interconnected world, collaboration is not just a buzzword; it’s a strategic imperative. By in

James added, “It is DC’s goal to capitalize on the immense opportunities within the burgeoning B2B tech sector. As companies increasingly recognize the need for specialized expertise in marketing-led management consulting, Digital Clarity has earned ‘ a seat at the table of decision makers ‘ with its client offering . By leading the solution by driving innovation, delivering results, and generating substantial returns for our clients which benefits shareholders.”

As DBMM looks to prepare for its quarterly filing, the operating company is seeking additional partnerships and/or strategic alliances to augment its offering with various organizational/ transformational initiatives, including AI and other applications to be integrated with existing marketing solutions, to form a cohesive marketing outreach increasing ROI for clients and DC’s revenues.

Collaboration with other specialties allows DC to provide ‘one-stop shopping.’ Strategic alliances are the most cost-effective way to hone client product offerings while, step by step, increasing competitive advantage.

We will be specifically describing a series of meetings we have recently held which are being finalized and will result in other avenues to maximize revenue streams for all parties. Everyone wins.

Linda Perry and Reggie James

DBMM Management


The foregoing contains certain predictive statements that relate to future events or future business and financial performance. Such statements can only be predictions, and the actual events or results may differ from those discussed due to, among other things, those risks described in DBMM’s reports filed with the SEC. Opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice. This document is published solely for information purposes and is not to be construed as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities in any state. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. Additional information is available upon request.