Shareholder Update – DBMM’s Business Growth Initiatives Progress

Shareholder Update – DBMM’s Business Growth Initiatives Progress

Following the recent Shareholder Update by Digital Brand Media & Marketing Group, Inc. (“The Company” and “DBMM”), and its brand, Digital Clarity (“DC”), on August 29 and August 03, the Company continues its ongoing transparency and forward-looking growth for shareholders. The guiding principle is each initiative must be sustainable and intended to become an integrated aspect of the Company’s offering, adding to its client base, revenues, and shareholder value going forward. Growth is quantifiable and transparent. 

Reggie James, the Founder and Managing Director of DC and the Chief Operating Officer of DBMM said, “Digital Clarity, as the brand and operating unit of DBMM, has a significant growth momentum underway, driven by a clear strategy and strong execution. Its existing professional staff has always been a competitive advantage.  Now they are leveraging its existing experience by adding to its professional team. Today we are pleased to announce a new member to our team, with the sole purpose of developing new business and customer acquisition.

James added, “We are delighted to onboard our newest Executive member, as she familiarizes herself with the DC process and imparts her skillset and leadership at the company as new clients are added to DC’s roster, as well as welcoming prospective clients from broadening geographies. We have specifically designed our growth blueprint in an intelligent ‘one step at a time’ approach and this new milestone is another step in the right direction, just like the first  “10 wins.” Without hurdles, our growth is expected to be exponential. Shareholders will be able to track the results in our public filings. 

In keeping with its commitment to shareholders, the Company has also continued its outreach to a new investor base, and following the summer holidays, the Company is already benefitting from prospective clients’ Fall planning cycles. DBMM is continuing activities in raising awareness with new like-minded industry groups, new shareholders in the public market, family offices, and those in pursuit of leaders in the industry. The Company’s awards and professional recognition position it well. DBMM anticipates strong returns to their shareholders following an outreach that has been hindered by external negative efforts and hurdles. Long-term client and shareholder relationships are sought in best practice mutual interest. This will be achieved organically and by acquisition to augment clients, revenues, market valuation, and access in the US and globally.

Shareholders are encouraged to think outside the box in that the digital industry follows long-term models of growth. Operative words, ‘Growth’ and ‘Sustainability.’ 

To that end, Reggie James added, “A lot of what you will see over the next quarter is a reflection of the return to normal business following the Final Order of Dismissal ordered on June 2, 2023, concluding all of the previous hurdles previously achieved which required resources in time and financial support. All hurdles were met successfully. Quite an accomplishment.

At this point, there will be additional, focused activity in professional staff and outreach activity all increasing the Company’s bottom line, in the coming weeks. This is just the beginning of our strategic approach to sustainable growth.” Our short-term and ultimate goals are to meet the required criteria for an Uplist to OTCQB and step by step to NASDAQ.

DBMM concluded its fiscal year on August 31, 2023, and has begun its 10-K preparation to report by the end of November. Included will be the continuing removal of aged, non-recurring debt. Company Management looks forward to sharing interim news between now and then. 

The Company is encouraged by the support received from its “long“ shareholders through its earlier hurdles and going forward, remaining stronger, and all metrics growing together. Step by step the “blueprint” is being executed for the benefit of all stakeholders.

DBMM Management

Linda Perry and Reggie James


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