Huffington Post Article Entitled: “Internet Addition Disorder–Yes, It’s a Real Thing.” (http://huff.to/1rSyzSX)

October 20, 2014-NEW YORK,NY,LOS ANGELES,CA and LONDON,UNITED KINGDOM-Digital Brand Media & Marketing Group, Inc. (OTC:PNK:DBMM) was selected to conduct a recent survey through Digital Clarity regarding Internet Addition Disorder (IAD). The results have been extremely well-received by wide industry sectors, including the scientific community, and major news channels, This new client initiative is another example of Digital Clarity’s stature in the digital marketing sector. In a very competitive situation, the Company was the selected provider.

Reggie James, Co-Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice-President Marketing & Communications said: “The research was commissioned to analyze the impact of internet addition on younger users and raise awareness and establish corporate social responsibility among BRANDS on how they engage with this audience.” Here is an extract from the article cited above:

Reggie James, Founder of Digital Clarity, the digital marketing agency which conducted the survey, said most young people balance their internet use with school, sports, friends and other commitments. Yet for a small percentage of youth the need to be online can be compulsive, uncontrolled or pathological,” he explained. “While time spent online can be hugely productive. Compulsive Internet use will interfere with daily life, work and relationships.”

James added, “There were many news channels interested in the results, especially the BBC, (http://bbc.in/1vywCCK) and the Huffington Post, (http://huff.to/1rSyzSX), both of which cited recent examples of how Internet Addiction Disorder was now beginning to be taken seriously, Scientific journals and broader medical organizations have further expressed an interest to learn more from subsequent analysis undertaken by Digital Clarity, moving forward. Parents also seek information to better monitor their children’s internet use and want to see BRANDS exhibit the same concern.”

In conclusion, James summarized the Company’s status, as follows: “Our work in the recently announced Philanthropy sector, (http://bit.ly/1FIUsei) continues in conjunction with the Company’s strategic organic growth, while executing an acquisition of a private company by DBMM as a fully reporting company in full compliance.

The Company continues to develop its strong position to execute its business plan aggressively with long-term investors, new significant clients described in earlier press releases, and clients who have worked with Digital Clarity previously.

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