DBMM Updates Re-Structuring Action

DBMM Updates Re-Structuring Action

NEW YORK, NY and LOS ANGELES, CA and LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM–(NewMediaWire – Jul 31, 2015) – On July 17, 2015, Digital Brand Media & Marketing Group, Inc. (OTC PINK: DBMM) issued an 8-K and announced a Corporate Action to restructure the common share structure approved by FINRA. The Company expects the share price to stabilize upward after the 20-day period following the restructuring during which the “D” is on the symbol. The SEC 20-day period allows time for all administrative details to be organized by brokerage houses and professionals who maintain an orderly market.

The 3Q 10-Q financials will be released shortly to reflect the corporate action even though it became effective on July 17, 2015, well into the 4th quarter. The 3rd quarter continued growth in revenues and decreases in expenses will continue to document 2015 as a strong fiscal year. The Company’s financial advisors suggested the new foundation for review will be a clearer communication, rather than waiting for 4Q.

The transparency will position the Company’s fundamentals accurately and positively. As stated in Press Release of July 20, 2015, the Company is taking significant action “to aggressively widen (its) brand exposure using a variety of digital and social channels. There are investors around the globe who understand the digital marketplace and its growing influence on consumer decisions. DBMM is targeting these new investors through a global digital and traditional integrated campaign which will be run by Digital Clarity, with third parties, as required for distribution.”

The outstanding shares as of August 1, 2015 remain at 4,414,975 common shares issued.

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