May 31, 2017

Following the Digital Brand Media and Marketing Group, Inc. (DBMM – the Company) update of May 26th, the Company wants to emphasize the need to deal in facts, not opinion, and particularly the misinformation regarding DBMM’s temporary suspension from trading.

The link from the SEC’s Office of Education and Advocacy is useful in the full process required to remedy and re-establish former trading: https://www.sec.gov/investor/alerts/tradingsuspensions.pdf.

In the interim, DBMM has received questions/comments from shareholders essentially stating all outstanding financials must be filed by end-of-day today, or all is lost. This is totally inaccurate.

The Company was required to respond to the suspension through an “Answer” under the Commission’s Rules of Practice by May 31st. DBMM’s Counsel provided the Company’s response on Friday, May 26th. The Company stated and documented certain mitigating circumstances in place during the period in question.

To be factually clear, most companies suspended never respond as required. An established dialogue is prescribed by the SEC and must be followed and that is what DBMM has begun.

The Company continues to execute its Business Plan with business as usual. DBMM has prided itself on increasing its client base and revenues quarterly. The last quarterly filing  in EDGAR for 3Q15 was up 39% to $368,364 for 9 months of documentation. Net loss was decreased 34% from $1,025,766 to $673,852 for the same period. DBMM continues its model of increasing clients while decreasing its toxic debt as stated in Press Releases of Dec 22,2015 and Feb 11,2016. That has occurred, is documented and will be included in  filings as stated. Nothing has changed.

Block out anecdotal, out of context, comparisons or misinformation. Straight line to the facts. Today, the World’s largest and growing companies rely on the internet for their trade. There is value in growing with DBMM. The digital landscape is an increasing portion of all of our future. The internet  impacts your every decision. Then make your own investment decisions.

Safe Harbor Provisions:

The foregoing contains certain predictive statements that relate to future events or future business and financial performance. Such statements can only be predictions, and the actual events or results may differ from those discussed due to, among other things, those risks described in DBMM’s reports filed with the SEC. Opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice. This document is published solely for information purposes, and is not to be construed as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities in any state. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. Additional information is available upon request.