Digital Brand Media & Marketing Group, Inc.(DBMM) appreciates the support it has received from many of its shareholders and its clients during this challenging time.

Even though the AP Ruling Release No. 4965/August 10, 2017, “Post-Hearing Order” was very definitive and clearly outlined the specific actions to take place following the August 9, 2017 hearing, to make certain only the facts are being considered, the specifics are clarified below: Items 1-3 have been completed. However, it appears Item 4 requires clarification:

Item 4
“By September 29, 2017, the parties shall simultaneously file their opening post-hearing briefs. The parties are not required to submit separate filings with proposed, enumerated findings of fact. But the parties factual assertions should be accompanied by citations to the record.”

The parties chose to file separate briefs. Each side makes its case just as was done in June, 2017. The difference is the hearing took place in the interim. The SEC maintained its original position, as did DBMM. DBMM’s post-hearing brief has been filed and will be published shortly.

Unfortunately, those negative people who only surface to extract language and draw conclusions on bad or out of context information have emerged again.These individuals still believe they can exploit the process into “fake” speculation which only represents their agenda and their unfounded prognostications.

The brief represented the adversarial side(SEC) of the argument, conversely the defensive side (DBMM) is the respondent. This is,after all,a litigation with two divergent points of view. The brief is not the final word. DBMM represents the other side of the argument in play in which there are extenuating circumstances. Shareholders, please look forward to DBMM’s brief.

The  2 arguments, drawing to conclusion, requires Item 5:

“By October 20, 2017, the parties shall file their respective post-hearing briefs and counter statements to proposed findings of fact.”

DBMM in Item 5 will counterstate, as required, certain statements in the SEC’s brief of September 29, 2017, as it did with the brief filed in June, 2017.

The Judge weighs all information contained in the briefs, following his leadership in the August 9, 2017 hearing, and will rule.

The full panoply of information is considered, and the naysayers know it. It is disingenuous to suggest that one-side is prevailing. The same thing occurred in June and they were wrong.

One fact must be reinforced. There has never been an issue with the DBMM operating business, only with issues involving the public company, outside of the Company’s control. The Management stands behind the promise of DBMM, and continues to do so. DBMM has built a successful business,albeit not yet profitable, but neither is Twitter or Snapchat, the latter two valued in the billions. Such is the nature of the digital world. The acquisition of DBMM’s brand Digital Clarity,focused the parent company on a model which has been proven with revenues growing every year.

Digital Clarity was on the forefront of the burgeoning digital marketing industry. Its premise is differentiating and its growing client base reinforces a long and prosperous outlook. The future is positively exponential, as Digital Clarity makes its mark in the sector through acknowledgement in the industry, and is cited and quoted in many professional publications.

Please continue to be patient as the process evolves. The Management believes in the Company mission and its stalwart shareholders. We expect neither to be disappointed.

For and On Behalf of DBMM Management.

Safe Harbor Provisions:

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