In keeping with the intent of Digital Brand Media & Marketing Group, Inc. (“The Company” and “DBMM”), to keep shareholders aware of the steps undertaken in returning to normal business and normal trading. The Company also thought it helpful to clarify the impact of the amended SEC Rule 15c2-11 on DBMM. Particularly when misinformation keeps surfacing, usually by uncredentialed parties.

In order to establish a foundational, base case, OTC Markets Monthly News, published a video and article entitled: “How the Amended SEC Rule 15c2-11 Affects Investors” yesterday and we thought it instructional to pass it along for reference. Link

DBMM received the newsletter following OTC Markets invitation to become a member of OTC Markets now that the Amended Regulations provided for the Company to be designated Pink Current on September 28, 2021. The invoiced offer was open until December 15th, we happily accepted and paid our dues.

A bit of an oxymoron, as in fact, the Company became current with its filing of all delayed and current SEC Reports in mid-July, 2018, but there was no practice to designate Pink Current coincidently. One more incremental step in returning to normal business and normal trading.

The Company is delighted that the new Amendment allowed the Pink Current designation to be acknowledged as the Company met all the criteria of full public information transparency of its financial statements as required by the SEC, now delegated to OTC Markets.

DBMM is now a bonified member, in the process of gathering all information for the broker to apply for the 15c2- 11 on our behalf, in order to resume trading and to have the CE icon removed. The 2021 10-K is pivotal for our continued compliance and that box has been checked 25 days early.

As shared earlier, the Company Management identified a broker with deep experience in directing the 15c2-11 application for normal trading through FINRA, and the labor intensive process is in full swing—all hands-on deck. We are clearly benefitting from their experience to be as efficient as possible, while positioning the information effectively. Next, the removal of the CE icon which should have taken place a long time ago.

DBMM is progressing and we continue to appreciate the support of our long-term investors, as well as our new investors in place and those who will be part of the growth model anticipated, and finally hurdle-free, to be executed.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

DBMM Management

Safe Harbor Provisions

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