Following the last Shareholders Update of June 18, 2017, DBMM has continued to act in the best interests of its shareholders. Unfortunately, there has also been a continued flow of misinformation and amateur speculation from non-shareholders, regarding the ongoing SEC Administrative Proceeding process.

As many of the supportive shareholders have stated publically and quite correctly, the controlling party is the Administrative Judge.

Please be mindful that the process is for the Judge to issue periodic “Release No. xxx” as statements of conclusive detail. Any other filings by the parties are not public information and are not intended to be public information as they only address a point of view which will normally be countered by the other party.

In a July 21, 2017 document, DBMM Counsel stated,”….the Reply should be properly stricken as untimely,” under Rules of Practice for SEC Administrative Proceedings. The Rules of Practice outline the process for all legal and regulatory situations brought forward as Administrative Proceedings. As another example, there is no public read-out of the 2 Pre-Hearing Conferences which have taken place.

In conclusion, the only meaningful documents regarding the DBMM matter are from the Administrative Judge and organized under a File No and a Release No.

There has been no order of revocation for DBMM.

DBMM encourages its shareholders to be patient. The Company is staying the course and believes fundamentally that the delayed filings were a function of certain mitigating circumstances which have been enumerated and provided to the Court and will be argued within all legal parameters.

To restate again, DBMM Group, the corporate parent and its subsidiaries is 100% owned by its shareholders. Thus it is in the Management’s best interests to continue to build its business, and vociferously defend its public position, as required.

As such, DBMM’s Business Model is reinforced  and encouraged by the dominance of digital technology: The industry’s state of play was recently captured in the August 4, 2017 issue of “The Week, http://theweek.com/articles/714716/new-monopolies as follows: “Google has an 88% market share in search advertising. Facebook and its major subsidiaries–Instagram, What’sApp and Messenger–account for 77% of mobile social media traffic. Almost $1 of every $2 in online retail sales goes through Amazon. Amazon accounts for 43% of all on-line commerce.”

DBMM, through its brand, Digital Clarity, continues to drill down as being in the right place at the right time, with its algorithmic prowess, to develop differentiating analytics for each client utilizing that technology and social media platforms.

For its shareholders, that is extremely positive as the technology is developed by others in real time and utilized by DBMM, without any cost to DBMM.  The resultant product delivered has been recognized by clients and industry groups, as a leader.

Growth, even with a professional labor intensive requirement, is a straight line. At this point, we continue to ask for your support, tenacity and patience to address the negative challenges of the delayed filings in the midst of a malicious litigation brought by a toxic lender.

The Company will provide Updates coincident with facts, not speculation.

DBMM will continue to act with the shareholders best interests in mind, irrespective of the noise, Facts, often in arcane details privy only to bonafide legal experts, are under discussion.


The foregoing contains certain predictive statements that relate to future events or future business and financial performance. Such statements can only be predictions, and the actual events or results may differ from those discussed due to, among other things, those risks described in DBMM’s reports filed with the SEC. Opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice. This document is published solely for information purposes, and is not to be construed as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities in any state. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. Additional information is available upon request.